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Introduction – why I became a wedding planner

Wedding Planning

Hello there! My name is Crystal, owner and lead planner of The Penny Pincher Planner here to share a bit about who I am and what I’m passionate about, to hopefully give you the best insight to see if The Penny Pincher Planner is the right fit for you on your wedding day!

Can I afford a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are meant for the rich and famous, right? Umm no…that is a complete MYTH! In attempt to bust the myth, I chose a business name that would stop you in your tracks and think “hmm, can I afford a wedding planner?” The answer is YES! In fact, you’ll often hear so many planners say “you can’t afford NOT to have a wedding planner” and it’s SO TRUE! You deserve to enjoy your wedding day and that doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag!

There is a big difference between a full-wedding planner and what I offer, which is event management. As much fun as it sounds to be a full-wedding planner, I have no desire to ever offer this service. Remaining affordable and offering full-service wedding planning simply isn’t realistic. All planners will manage the logistics, communications and details that go into making your wedding run smoothly, so you’re able to enjoy your wedding day with family and friends. However if you are on a budget and fully invested in planning your wedding, then event management services are perfect for you!

I serve as a coach and cheerleader throughout the planning process. They come to me with questions and I help them make the best decisions based on their values and priorities. Closer to the wedding date (about a month prior) that’s when I come in full force and gather every minor detail they have planned to ensure nothing has been overlooked, and handle all correspondence with the vendor team to execute their vision and ensure they get to enjoy every minute of their day.

Avoid wedding debt! Why is this even a thing?!

I’m willing to bet you have dreams extending beyond a wedding that consists of one or all of the following…

  • Buy/build a home
  • Start/grow your family
  • Travel the world together

You want to be able to afford a great life together, am I right? Yeah, thought so!

The decision to open The Penny Pincher Planner was based on the strong desire to help others achieve a beautiful wedding with any budget. The journey that drove me to this point, began when planning my wedding. Although I had been in the wedding industry for 4 years prior, planning my own was certainly an eye-opener in several ways. The biggest hurdle was finding a way to achieve a beautifully designed wedding, like so many others I had the privilege of planning, while staying within the budget my fiancé and I set. I never lost focus of the reason behind it all, but often found myself going a bit crazy trying to pull it all off. When it was all said and done, I realized I found my calling and wanted nothing more than to help other couples pull it off too!

Know that you’re not alone, I’ve been right where you are!

  1. Met the love of my life
  2. Got engaged
  3. Determined our budget
  4. Thought planning within that budget was impossible
  5. Tried to plan it all by myself (was even trying to figure out how to hide a two-way radio in my dress so I could direct my own wedding! – okay maybe you haven’t done this…or maybe you’re just as crazy as me!)
  6. Planned my entire wedding within budget – Don’t worry, we’ll get you there!

Perks of having a wedding planner

Imagine getting to be a fly on the wall at hundreds of wedding while you’re in the midst of planning your wedding. You would see so many things to incorporate in your wedding, and some you’d rather not see. Hiring a wedding planner will give you that fly on the wall experience, because with each wedding a planner gets to see…

  • vendors in action and can share with you all the things that make them exceptional and unique to others!
  • where couples spend money that goes unnoticed by guests (Save those PENNIES!).
  • so many unique things couples do to make their wedding fit their personality, which can be shared to spark new ideas for you to personalize your wedding!

This once in a lifetime opportunity to build my business and have a career that makes my soul happy will forever be the fuel the fires my heart and drives every decision I make to better serve my couples.

My goal in future blogs is to share penny-pinching tips and helpful tricks I’ve learned along the way that will help you through your wedding planning journey.

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